On May 23, 2009..
Duane Yates Passed Away at Rapides Regional Hospital in Alexandria, La.

I would like to thank all of his great fans and friends
who sent such wonderful emails with their thoughts and prayers
and everyone who was came to pay their respects
 Duane Yates went out in style!!
He will surely be missed...

He has left me with a wonderful legacy...
Dad...I know you always said that you weren't afraid to die
Cause you knew what was up there beyond the skies!
Sing your song with the angels in heaven...
I love you so much
Your Son,
Marcome Iram Yates

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The 1996 Self titled CD

Duane Yates



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"Katrina's Foot"

is also availabile for download on iTunes
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"Katrina's Foot" was recorded in New Orleans
and features 3 of the greatest musical talents
who are playing the ultimate gig on the stage Heaven...
Charles Brent Jr. (guitar..sax..arranger..composer.. and musical genius..)
Harry Ravain (drums)
and the one and only...

Duane Yates

Come Lord Jesus cover and insert

Family and friends who attended the funeral
said they were moved by one of his original songs that was played
entitled "Come Lord Jesus"
I have put the song on a CD...
Along with another of his originals entitled
"Latter Rain"
It's avaialble to order by clicking on the above CD cover & insert

I'll continue to update this site as well as his Facebook page in honor of him
He said that he wanted this site for me to share his music
with the rest of the world...
I will continue to do so until the day we meet again
Please help keep his wonderful music alive by ordering his CDs
His music touched so many and will forever
God Bless!!

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to check out a slideshow and videos
from his last performances ever
The 1st weekend in March 2009
Sam's Town Casino in Sheveport, La.

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"World @ War"

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Plus the video of "Fly Charile Fly"

Katriana's Foot Cover and Insert

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Thanks again to everyone for your continued love and support...
God Bless!!

Duane Yates

Marcome Yates Webmaster